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With Enterprise ReadyPass, customers can now register in advance of their rental by providing some details for a more convenient experience and a low-touch rental process. With ReadyPass, we can help our customers save time in the rental office and get up and running faster.

How does it work?

Email Notification
Approximately 48 hours before picking up the rental, clients will receive an email invitation to register.
Check-in On Line
The registration form only requires the confirmation of the rental details, the customer’s valid driver’s license, postal address, and credit card information.
Optional protections and convenient products to add in advance are also available, such as GPS and infant car seats.
With just a confirmation email, you are all set! Customers can then head to the branch, sign the contract electronically and hit the road in a vehicle backed by the Cleanliness Commitment.

How does it work in the rental office?

  • On the day of the rental, clients will follow the distancing instructions for a safe low-touch experience.
  • The rental agent will request the driver’s license and the method of payment.
  • Customers will sign electronically, obtain their keys, and hit the road in a vehicle backed by our Cleanliness Commitment.
  • Certain restrictions apply